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In 1927 one of Oklahoma City 's most exciting stores was the Norton-Johnson Automobile Company, a 60,000-square-foot Buick showroom. By the late 20th century, the three-story building was closed and forgotten.

Developers Nick Preftakes and Mark Ruffin decided to convert the edifice into loft-type apartments. Transforming the building presented many challenges, including the creation of separate mechanical systems for each unit. To stress the history of the dealership, they restored the neon sign and added a name to the complex. They also lined the interior walls with galvanized metal, and retained the car ramp so tenants could drive right up to their units.

Another reminder of the building's past was its steel-framed windows, which were reglazed with new, industrial-strength glass. Inside, layers of paint were removed to expose the original brick walls, providing a tasteful background for residents to decorate their apartments. Today, the Garage Loft Apartments are said to be Oklahoma City 's most popular rental units, as well as a reminder of its commercial past.

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